Monday, May 20, 2013

Mod Men

Mod Men

Mod Men by jatkinson featuring incase

With shows such as Mad Men and Downton Abbey, mens suiting has been recently showcased in a different light. Suits are no longer the boring solution to your everyday job or are the dusty, old things that hang at the end of your closet. They have been transformed into having a new, modern look. Suits that take you from stiff,  to noticeably fashion forward. 

This is a great example of a great look for a modern man. A classic, shaped shoe in a nice olive green suede, a printed shirt to add some variety, a structured jacket, comfortable khakis, a cool pair of frames and of course your iPhone that goes along with it. Depending on your personality, style, shape and needs, a suit is what you make of it.

The reason I love this trend is because it revives "the gentleman". We need to wake the gentlemen who have fallen asleep in their wardrobe! Getting dressed up is becoming more of a trend. Men aren't being so casual anymore. Instead they're going towards a more modern, relaxed looking suit. Hope this inspires you to try and reinvent your suit in your own way!

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