Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fashion Translations....love this

Fashion is a marvelous world with lots of happy healthy people. You don’t believe me? Try for two seconds to talk about what’s troubling you. You’ll realize quite quickly that no one wants to hear that, it’s just not glam. 
You learn to adapt. It ends up like this :
You didn’t hear? I decided to go free-lance! = I just got fired.
How is H. doing? Well, you know, he doesn’t get out much right now. He’s taking a rest. = He’s in rehab.
Our brand of diamond dog collars? Yeah, well, no, this season we’re taking a break from all that. = We just filed for bankruptcy.
I have a huge project with a huge client but I can’t really talk about it> it’s super confidential. = I just did a shoot for Target.
You wanna grab some coffee? (From someone who has never spoken to you before) = I’m looking for a job.
I’m a jewelry designer / I started a blog / I opened an e-shop!!! I’m so excited!!! =I’m trying not to completely disappear from planet fashion.
Yep, because if you’re gone for more than a season…
You are forgotten.
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