Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A couple months ago I was on my way to China Peak, a nearby ski resot with my Dad, Kelly my sister, and Trevor my lovely boyfriend, and my dad said to me, "Janie, look outside and watch the sunrise. I know you never wake up this early, so you should watch and see how pretty it is!"
Of course, I went with the typical reaction any 19 year old girl would have at 6 o'clock in the morning, "Um, no I'm tired I'm going back to sleep."
....and back to sleep I went.

Fast forward to February, about a month or two later, I found myself sitting in Growth Group (aka Bible Study) being reminded by the book we are reading about the sunrise I didn't witness. We are reading a book titled One Month to Live (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!) and this particular chapter was talking about relishing in the small moments of life and cherishing the people around you. All of a sudden I thought to myself...

THE SUNRISE....I didn't watch it. I didn't see it. This is the moment they are talking about. A small little thing like watching the sun rise in the car with your Dad, sister and boyfriend. I spoke up and told the girls what had just happened. My somewhat saddening 'ah-ha' moment. I realized that was one of the few "full circle moments" I've had in the past year. Where you clearly remember how you were feeling in the past moment, in the moment that you are reminded of it. It's a crazy feeling if you don't think you've had one.

What I'm getting at is...relish in life's small moments. Because in all honesty, those small moments are making up your life every single day.

Today, my sister, my dad and I drove up to China Peak to ski. Although my dad didn't tell me to, I watched my sunrise.

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