Monday, April 18, 2011


Today seemed like one of those days where you have to stop and think...Is this really my life?

It seemed like the perfect afternoon, a little chiller than prefered but pretty perfect. It started off with an amazing service at The Journey, the church conveniently four blocks down the street from me, then a trip by the corner market to pick up some necessities, (milk, eggs, avocado...the norm), made a yummy egg, salsa, avocado breakfast burrito with some bacon on the side, and then it was off to the Embarcadaro Theatre to see a lovely, independent, fashion film called Bill Cunningham New York (YouTube the trailer!) with my roommate. After that we strolled around Chinatown and had a early dinner at one of San Francisco's famous 'sushi boat' restaurants (where the sushi comes around your table on little boats floating on a stream of water) which was quite the experience. Once we got home we turned on some oldies, opened the windows, and enjoyed putting up our new movie posters we got for free at the theatre. It was nice to relish in that moment when nothing mattered for those few hours, just relaxing and enjoying each others company and our view out our windows.
If we don't realize those special moments in life, what will our life be made up of? Rushing around from task to task? That doesn't seem like a life at all.

Recently, I've seen a couple videos that have really interested me. I'll post the links up here so you can check them out. Some are movie trailers, some are just videos about people, but all in all interesting.

Bill Cunningham New York

Forks over Knives

Billy Reid

Free People: Inside Printing

I hope this week you can really cherish the moments you are given and really take a look at what God has given you. If you are alive and breathing...thats a lot to be thankful for.

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