Friday, November 18, 2011

Forgotten Password

remember me? I'm afraid and embarrassed to even try and attempt to write after this long hibernation away from my so called 'blog'. As I was trying to sign into my blogger account, I entered four wrong passwords before I got it right. Not a good sign!

Since my last post in July there has been a lot of changes that have happened. Lets start at the beginning...

- Returning from Alaska my family and I went on a couple more vacations...Carpinteria, San Diego, and Cabo San much fun as you can imagine... each of these would be a post in itself..

- after slaving away and dedicating my summer to workouts and track sessions and dragging my best friend Molly to each and every one, I came back in early August ready to go for preseason. Soon to find out, a week later I would be on a train on my way back home from the city with a bruised ego and crushed heart. I wasn't going to have a fall season after all...

- dealing with a unexpected heartbreak, it was nice to be surrounded by friends and family while the last 3 weeks of summer wrapped up

- coming back to the city was bittersweet but later that week the fall semester started

- this new found freedom I had didn't take long to get used to. I was visiting Trevor in Fresno, having dinner with the Jill and Amy, going home whenever I wanted to , and pretty much doing whatever I pleased

- during this time of freedom I was able to spend a weekend in Huntington catching up with family and old friends and celebrating Aley Visser and Phil Owen's wedding weekend extraveganza! It was such a beautiful wedding and a weekened full of emotions!

...then it was back to reality...

- now that I was 'laid off' from my old job, volleyball, I was faced with the harsh reality of being forced into the real world!
my definition of the real world: getting a job, having no free time, and having no life

-after realizing I couldn't avoid it any longer, I started applying for jobs

- Nordstroms was one of my top choices, but not having any retail experience really scared me knowing they are a top department store. Long story short... after applying to any job there, yes, even a dishwashing position in their Bistro, they finally called me back for an interview! God was really watching over me that day because the woman that I was interviewed by, who is now my manager, was a perfect fit! We really connected and she saw the potential I had and 3 days later I was hired!

So, back to the present...or at least back to the past couple weeks.

Two weekends ago, after enjoying a low key halloween and spending my three year anniversary by myself, I had the opportunity to spend four days in LA taking a styling workshop at the School of Style.

The School of Style is, to quote exactly..."a series of workshops dedicated to teaching aspiring stylists exactly how to start and maintian a successful career in wardrobe stlying. At School of Style we cover every aspect of wardrobe styling including: the business of styling, the art of styling, and we give our students hands-on experiences- both on set and out in the field. In addition, we connect our students with internships and job opportunities immediately after completing our courses with some of LA's and New York's most recognized stylist. Celebrity stylist, Luke Storey and personal stylist, Lauren Messiah, lead aspring stylists through the series of courses at Smashbox Studios in LA and at the Ace Hotel in Manhattan."

That pretty much sums it up! The classes were so awesome, and when they say they hook their students up with internships and opportuinities they aren't joking. I've already recieved two emails mentioning big names from dressing the cast of E! News, to helping on a commercial for a fitness clothing line. I'm so excited to see what comes of these amazing opportunities.

Another thing that happened this past weekend was I got baptized!...again :)
I was baptized when I was seven years old with my sister and good childhood friend at my old church, Fellowship Bible Church. Although it was a memorable experience, I was also seven. My biggest life challenge was getting my math homework right. Now, living on my own and living in this big city full of challenges around every corner my spirtual life is challenged a lot more. Realizing I'm 'not in Kansas anymore', I've really been focusing on trying to use my faith everyday and not just blend into the crowd.

Attending the Journey and being involved in a small group has been such a blessing. It's made me realize how important my relationship with God is. He wants us to be around a community of other believers to help everyone grow. I was always scared of being in a small group but if you are reading this and are nervous about it, just do it! It's not scary!

Knowing the churches fall semester baptism was coming up I was excited to hear my roommate Amy and teammate janelle were going to get baptized. Feeling called to do the same I signed up and was looking forward to being a part of this ceremony. Thinking of the 'normal' baptism procedure...big hot tub in the front of the church, go up by yourself, say a Bible verse've seen it before. I was curious to see how the Journey did baptisms. I soon found out....

I knew they said on the little program 'see you at the bay'... that got me a little worried. Fast forward 3 hours and there we were, Amy, Janelle, our friend Samm, Amy's mom, and myself were headed out to Crissy Field at the East Beach ready to get baptized. After a round of introductions and instructions, me, the girls, 9 other believers, Pastor Chris, and Stephanie headed out into the ocean. YES, the ocean! Let me tell you, it was freezing!

The pictures don't even begin to express how amazing this experience was. To be right next to the Golden Gate Bridge, to be in God's ocean, having the sun shining (even if the water didn't warm up at all), and just soaking up that moment will be something I never forget. What a blessing that day was.

As for this weekend, its back to work tomorrow and then back to the school grind on Monday. Soon I'll be home for Thanksgiving and I'll be in good ol' Shafter at Grandma's house enjoying the company of my awesome family! and also pigging out to the ultimate extreme level of the Thanksgiving food coma.

Thanks for tuning in to the past four months or so of my life...

Until next time.

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